November 28, 2012

Ok, so I now have my computer back after leaving it behind when I was on holiday, haha. Time to update the race report bank. I have been racing every weekend for the last few weeks so I will try to keep them brief.

Timaru 6hr solo...
Super fun race. Never got board of the track. Kept dialing it in all race. I felt really strong in this one. It was myself and Phill Patterson setting the pace at the front for the first third of the race with Craig Tolson following close behind. I just kept the pace fast and consistent throughout the race. I was riding on my own for the second half and extended my lead right till the finish. I came in with 5mins to spare, completing 15 laps. 1 lap ahead of second. I also had the fastest average speed of the whole event including all the teams.

Hanmer Springs, Spring Crusher...
This was a brutal climbing course. I was really looking forward to this one because I had never done it before and I wanted to compare myself to the best riders in Canterbury over a hilly course. The race went straight into a tough climb and by the top a small group of myself, Anton, Kyle Wood, and the Oliver brothers had formed. We stayed together for a while. Kyle went back after getting held up on a technical section and I think his chain dropped off? So the four of us were left. I got dropped slightly on one of the longest climbs but pulled myself back just before the top. The Olivers were just too good and knew the tracks too well to keep up with on the descents. Before the flatter section they opened a 30sec gap on myself and Anton. Anton had trouble with his seat post and had to stop a couple of times. I pushed hard on the flat and got back on the Olivers wheel. Only to be dropped again on the next climb. But again I caught them back up just before the last climb. By this stage I was stuffed so I had nothing to give when we started to attack up the climb. I finished 20sec of the Olivers and won open men. I am happy with that ride and my form.

LongBeach Coastal Classic...
Had a good race at this one, finishing 2nd behind Anton. About a minute back. There was a decent group of us for the first part of the race until the first major river crossing. I pulled a good turn on the front before hitting the river crossing then rode through it (I was the only one who did) so I was puffing pretty hard after it. But just at that point Anton attacked. I tried to stay with him. But I was maxed out. Craig Oliver was there too but we couldn't hold his wheel. Things may have been different if I hadn't gone hard up to and through the river but I will never know. Brad and Ben caught up to Craig and I so we started to work together. I lead into the next technical beach section and after it I looked back and had a good 200m lead. I thought about sitting up and waiting but figured I would take the risk. I pushed on alone. I never closed the cap to Anton but it didn't open either which I am pleased with. I did open the cap back to 3rd so I finished comfortably in 2nd. 

Things are looking good for me this season. I'm feeling stronger than I ever have and training is going well. My new race bike has just arrived today so that will give me an advantage, plus a hole in my wallet! Next up is the Festival of cycling Crit. Riding the road scene for a day should be fun. Then It's the Hanmer Hammer Head.

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