February 18, 2011

Nelson nats round 3

I was loving the course for this race. Much better in the dry than in the wet like the last 2 years. And they shortened it with less climbing which suited me. I knew I wasn't going to have a great one because I don't have anywhere near the form I want/could have. I had a pretty good fast start but that soon kicked me in the arse! I faded pretty quickly but managed to hold some alright pace through the middle of the race. But then on the last 2 laps the cramp hit and I had nothing left. The last lap was horrible. I was finding it hard to get out of the seat. Quite a few riders past me on this lap. Ash got onto my wheel on the last DH and we went into the finish straight together. I was very keen not to sprint but when Ash came round me I thought I should give it ago. But nothing happened so ash beat me. At least I didn't get lapped. Looking forward to racing at home next week!

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