January 28, 2011

Vulcaniser - 3rd, not too bad considering.

I was really buzzing for this race. I hadn't ridden it for a few years so I was totally Vulcaniser deprived and for those of you who have felt this too you will know the pain and suffering I was going through. Again mother nature showed her hatred for the Vulcaniser and let the rain pore down. But I recon it made it more fun. Shame Mother N, that backfired. I rode a practice lap with Anton. Anton had on Medusas and I had Aspens. Anton rode everything and was either turning and still going straight, or wheel spinning and going no where. (sorry about the italics, my computer decided that it wanted to write in them) So I decided that it was best just to have a bit of fun and not take it too seriously. I pretty much had no warm up so the start and first lap felt horrible. I was second into the single track behind Anton But he just pulled away and my legs didn't want to turn the pedals. Getting into the muddy part of the track I realized that it had become ride able. So I went to get my race face back on but it had fallen out of my back pocket and I had to wait anther lap to pick it up. After I got it back I started to fell a little better and rode to a solid 3rd place. Anton taking it out and Brad coming through the pack to take 2nd. I reminded myself that a good warm up is very important.

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