January 28, 2011

Napier - national XC cup round 2

Average! That best sums up my race. First day of practice I crashed on my first lap, buckled my front wheel and badly bruised my chest on a tree stump. I managed to get my wheel straightened so I was back on track. The next day was a lot better (as in no crashes). Felt ok on the track although the main climb was looking a little daunting. Race day rolled up and we had to be out of the backpackers at 10am so we were hanging out at the track in the insane heat drinking gallons of water. Being out in the sun and heat all morning really drained my energy. I felt like I could go back to sleep. I got into my warm up earlier than I normally would just cause I was bored of waiting. I was seeded at the back for the race. As I had no UCI points. I had I pretty good start considering my starting position and carried that on for the first couple laps. But then had a crash on the 3rd lap and burped air out of my front wheel. I got more in and set back out on the track. I was then on my own so I had no one to push me. Soon the heat got to me and so did the cramp. I was getting slower and slower. On the last lap I collapsed on the main hill cause of cramp. I stopped and stretched my legs to try and get rid of it. I said to myself "I will attempt to get up the hill again but if I can't then I will have to pull out." I got going and surprisingly I got up the hill. It was tough. Hardest hill I have ridden this season. From the top of the climb to the finish I couldn't get out of the seat or else my legs would cease up with cramp. I rode across the line, fell on the ground and stretched again. Not a good race at all. I think I drank too much water and flushed out all the electrolytes in my body. Next race I will try drinking less and see if that makes a difference.

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