February 18, 2011

Christchurch nats round 4 (final)

This race went pretty good. I had a pretty good start. A little faster than I wanted. But I wasn't feeling too bad. Well until I started the climb on the second lap. I went backwards fast! I couldn't keep my bike going in a straight line. I was about to pull out but I said to myself " you haven't even done 2 laps you pussy!" So I carried on and forced myself to recover on the next half of the climb. After the long DH where I was catching/making up time the most I recovered well and was feeling a lot better on the 3rd. I was riding quite consistent. But again, the same as last week,  I started to fade in the last to laps. My last lap got worse with cramp setting into my legs. But I managed to finish strongly. And Brent had some gear problems on the last lap which pushed my into 6th place. A good result to end the national series.

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