October 4, 2010

New Sponsor!

For the up and coming 2011 season I have got a great new sponsor. I am going to be the new member of the Bergamont NZ team. I am really looking forward to riding for Bergamont and their bikes look sicko! I will be on the Platoon Team hardtail. They are new to NZ, only came in about this time last year. I hope I came build up their reputaiton in the South Island as I am their sol XC rider from down south. I will officially be with Bergamont on the 17th of October. Until then will be a sad time as I have my last few days with my long time sponsor, Pushbikes. It will be emotional, but a necessary grieving process. My last day with pushbikes will also be my last race with them. I will be attempting to podium at the Mcleans Island 6hr solo race. Being my first 6hr solo race and there being good competition there it will be a tough task. I just have to shake off this annoying little cold that won't go away and I should be set for domination. And by domination I mean I will be dominated after I finish!

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