October 24, 2010

Dusky Trail - First race on the Bergamont

Going into this race I wasn't sure on how I would go because on Saturday I managed to slice my hand open and I now have 3 stitches right where I hold onto my gripshift. I managed ok with my hand, only holding on with 3 fingers (no thumb or index finger). This meant control on the downhills and many river crossings was a bit sketchy but the rest wasn't too bad. So I can't really use it as an excuse for only coming 3rd. 3mins behind the winner. If I had a fully functional hand I may have been able to contest for 2nd as I lost this placing on the final river crossings because I couldn't ride them with my hand the way it was. I'm not too bummed about getting 3rd. It is only the second race of the season. And the winner had been training all through winter while I hadn't been doing much at all. What is really frustrating about my race is the way I felt. My legs just felt asleep the whole race. I wasn't felling tired or getting cramp like usual. My heartrate was down and I wasn't puffing. But I couldn't seem to put any power through my legs. It felt like I was going nowhere. And when I finished I wasn't tired at all. I could have done it twice. I guess that shows that I have good endurance at the moment, which is a bit surprising. And another positive is I was a lot better on the climbs than I was on the flat. The no power in the legs thing can always be fixed with more intense training. YAY! lots of pain to enjoy! So all in all it was a good race. I really enjoy this race and I got to race it on my new Platoon Team! It saved me a couple of times with it's awesome Magura brakes as I practically only had a rear brake because of my stitches. Can't wait for the next race on it and any general trainning I have planned.

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