October 16, 2010

Mcleans Island 6hr solo-saddle sores galore!

Yesterday I raced my first ever 6hr solo. It was awesome! I am stoked as with getting 3rd and it was a pushbikes podium domination. Brent Miller smashing the course to take 1st and Jingles taking second after a crazily fast start. But what's even better is we all beat the 6hr teams with a total of 16 laps each. Well done guys!

More on my race. I had a faster start than I thought I should. I guess I'm just use to it. But Jingles and Brent were right up there with me so I knew I had to keep going. Jingles took off with the fast 12hr team guys and Brent and I got into a good rhythm that I thought I could hold for the 6hrs. But on about the 3rd lap Brent picked up the pace, I held it with him for a couple more laps but soon realised I wasn't doing myself any favors. I settled into my own pace and got my heartrate down but then the cramp came on. I started to take in the Cramp Stop and it was keeping it from getting any worse but I soon ran out. This was at the 3hr mark so I was in trouble. Luckily Dad found me some more and I was back on track. For the next hour or so I felt quite bad and thought I wouldn't be able to hold my 3rd place. But in the last hour and a half I started to feel really good and got some solid lap times. At the briefing they said they were going to close the course for the 6hr riders at 5 1/2 hours. I came in at 5 hrs and 34mins so I thought I had finished. I was cruising through the tent site and over the loud speaker the organizer said there was 4mins until they closed the course. I was shocked but knew I had to go for another. I pushed really hard on this lap and and finished with 3mins to spare. That lap turned out to be my fastest lap in the last half of the race.

Now I am very very sore. The worse I have felt after a mtb race. My gooch is so bad. It is going to be hard to get out on a recovery ride today. Might have to do it standing the whole way! My body was just wrecked last night. Shows that mtbing is a full body work out. I was soo tired that I could sleep. I didn't get to sleep until about 3am! Even though I went to bed at 9pm. Too much pain, It kept me awake.

Also, This was my last day and race as a Pushbikes rider as now I am moving onto a Bergamont. It was good to leave Pushbikes with a great result and a real confidence boaster for me.

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