January 16, 2013

Bluff Nationals round one

I won! Great way to start the National series. I had a bit of luck with Anton having chain trouble which meant I could take the win. I am quite happy with the way I rode considering the course was one long climb and downhill. I prefer two or three shorter climbs. I had a strong start coming from the back of the grid entering the single track in 5th spot. The pace on the 1st lap was pretty hot and I died a bit near the top of the climb, but the rest of my laps were fairly consistant which is a good sign of my form. When I finished I thought I came second. This was because the U23's were racing at the same time as the elites. But little did I know some of the U23's had decided to race in the elite category. One of them being Dirk, who I knew was U23 age so I thought he was leading. So really I was the 2nd fastest U23 rider. But I will still take the win. I was circulating in the top 3 placing in elite so that's a good result too. I even got the speak to the press after the race which is a first for me. It got published in a couple of papers and on cyclingnews.com. That may seem pretty miner to some people but everyone starts there sometime. I still feel like there is plenty of room to improve before nationals. So I have some very hard training planned before I head up to Auckland and Rotorua.

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