August 18, 2012

CHCH CX round 5 Steam Scene

We had a last minute change of venue for our final round. Living Springs, our planed course destination was flooded from the recent rain. So it was a fast and flat course out at steam scene. The ground drained a little too well but there was one section of mud which proved quite tricky in the latter laps. I had a good hard first lap and increased my lead from there. Until I pinch flated riding over some railway lines. Getting a little too cocky and riding them too fast. I tried my puncture repair gas foam thingy but that didn't work. Luckily (If you can say that after getting a puncture) my dad was right there and he was looking after my keys. So I grabbed them off him, run to my car and put a new tube in. By this time my race was over but I wasn't too worried because I already had the series won overall. I got another couple of laps in but not sure where I finished up in the end. It was a great series and I won an awesome trophy, a medal and a pair of TRP brakes! Can't think of a better way to spend the winter. Thanks to all the guys behind the scenes. Great effort. Hopefully next year I can find some time to give your guys a hand.

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