May 7, 2013

Mt Somers

This was the last mtb race of the season for me. It was meant to be on the 21st of April but because of the rain they postponed it a week latter. I was looking forward to racing in the mud and rain but it was still quite wet a week latter. It was quite windy the day of the race too and unfortunately it was a head wind around most of the course. I got straight into it from the start and rode off the front. It was hard heading straight into the wind on your own but I was just in a good rhythm. Four other riders started to work together and pulled me back in after a few kms. I rode with them for a little while then attacked them on a pinch climb. I got a gap and held it to the base of the main climb. From here I pulled away and extended my lead till the finish. A nice way to cap the last race of the season off with a win and see how I was feeling after having a rest after the national series. Thanks to all the organisers for holding the race and donating the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House.

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