July 10, 2012

Cyclocross National Champs - Napier

I made the trip up to Napier for the main event of the CX season. It was well worth it. I finished first U23 and 3rd in the elites. Feels awesome to say I have a national tittle. Technically I crossed the line in 4th but the 3rd placed rider was an Australian so I could still clam 3rd place in NZ. I had to battle so hard for that 3rd place. I pushed myself further than I ever have before. Which is another good point to take out of the race. I was riding with Dan Warren for most of the race. Only edging him out for the 3rd spot on the last lap up a quad burning step section. I was on my limit the whole race. I don't know where the energy came from that pushed me through that last lap but I'm glad it was there. The course was super hard and had a bit of everything. A perfect course for a national event. The event was also run great. It was better and more official than our mtb nationals and this is only the first time cyclocross nationals have been held. I'd like to give Andrew and Gaby Barlow a big thanks for organising transport for me while I was up there. And also to Dave Molloy for lending me his carbon wheels and tyres. I definitely need them!

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