June 24, 2012

Christchurch CX round 2

Great race out there today. Course was soo much fun. Best CX course I've ridden. Although I haven't ridden many. Quite different but in a good way. Rode well and felt pretty good. I feel like I have improved from the first round but still plenty more to do. I finished 2nd today behind a fresh new Christchurch resident, Andrew Barlow. He has come down here from Napier where CX is much bigger. So I was pleased to be with him for the first few laps. I had a bit of trouble being held up with lapped riders and Andrew got a small gap on me. After already pushing hard just to stay with him I didn't have the energy to bridge the gap. He got maybe 30sec on me by the half way point but I started to feel a bit better and kept that gap from getting any bigger for the remainder of the race. Nearing the end I was able to dig it in a bit more and finish strong. Looking ahead I have the Queenstown national round next weekend followed the national champs in Napier then the 3rd round of our Southerncross series in CHCH. So I have plenty on.

One of the different sections of the course. Running through a hay stack???

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