May 26, 2012

No such thing as an off season

So, seeing I'm back into a training routine and coming into some form I thought I'd get back into the blogging scene. Now some may think 'Coming into form now? It's the off season.' Well,  I have a theory which I'm bringing into play this winter. That theory being, carrying form and fitness out of winter and into summer is extremely beneficial. The last two winters I've sat on my arse and gotten fat and slow. Then when summer comes around I have a huge amount of training to do if I want to be fast. So if I'm fit in winter I'll be faster in summer. If I look back to the last season I had which was actually good it would be the 2010 season. In the winter of 2009 I went to the world champs, so I was training all winter. Unfortunately that training didn't show at worlds and I felt slow and had a shocker of a race. But all that effort I put in in the winter really showed in 2010. We see the same thing happening with all our international athletes. They train and race hard here in summer then go overseas and train and race hard while we are in winter. These are the guys and girls who are always winning. So I'm going back to putting a good effort into my training in winter so I'll be a force to be reckoned with in summer.

I am training this winter for the next mtb season in summer but also training for something that is just as fun, cyclocross. I'll be getting round Canterbury and NZ as much as I can trying to get some great results in the new Canterbury and NZ CX series and hopefully the national champs. Also doing some duathlons which I use to do a lot of back when I was a junior.

I have been up to a few things lately, the classic winter workout "Bluedog night racing world champs". Where each one I have raced so far I have won open men. So pretty happy with that. And just today I have completed the MT Isobell challenge for the first time which is an off road duathlon. It has an insane hill run to begin with then a mtb to finish off. I have wanted to do it for the last couple of years so getting out there this year was great. I finished 4th open men and 9th overall. But the thing I'm most happy with is getting the 3rd fastest bike time. Only being beaten by Anton and Brad who were both in teams. So I had the fastest ride time of all the individuals. The only thing that really let me down was the decent on the run. I don't have the technical skill or commitment to run like the others that I was with. I lost a number of places and minutes coming down off the top of Mt Isobell. Oh well next year with more practice I'll be up there on the podium!

Basically the jist of this is, I'm back and enjoying training more than ever and finally getting my head around training while working full time.

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